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Little dog

Playfol little dog on green grass and jellow flowers

Good friends Dog & Cat

Yellow dog sleeps while the gray cat enjoys under his ear. Who says dogs and cats do not like each other?


Beautiful puppy, such small that you can only love him. Beautiful golden yellow curls. Wonderful cuddly creature ...

Magic eyes

Husky spends almost the entire life of sled pulling or carrying heavy loads, so it is virtually the only operating ...


Funny dog

What did I do?


Lovely dog

Superb wallpaper, beautiful golden retriever with the bone in his mouth. The ideal background for your desktop.

Little dog in the bed

This little dog you just pray to leave it where he is. On your desktop!

Basset Hound

Here are some interesting facts about Basset. It belongs to a group of dogs hounds and was mentioned in the 16th ...

Sweet little dog with sad eyes

Cute little puppy, curious to adhere to the camera lens. His sad eyes Simply asks You to take it!

Dog ready for skiing