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Crazy Frog

Human evolution


Mouse in the glass

Octopus smokes

Funny wallpapers

Funny wallpaper


Funny Mushroom House

Funny Parrot

X ray image



Sexy Music Notes

Relax yourself with this humorous wallpaper. And, of course, play this music notes as you like, on your own way ;-)


Sweet little dog with sad eyes

Cute little puppy, curious to adhere to the camera lens. His sad eyes Simply asks You to take it!


Otter enjoying

This is called a vacation!

Funny wallpapers

Cat and fish

Cat with a longing look in an aquarium with fishes. Extremely funny wallpaper.

Clever cat

Dog ready for skiing

Funny House

A variety of colors for your well-being. Keep a smile and have fun!


Soldier Bulldog

Funny Minion Hitman

Minion Hitman is detective from American 3D computer-animated comedy film Despicable Me 2. This animated film is a ...

Black and white sheep

Cat in the bathroom

Unique Photographers