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Lovely Sunflowers wallpaper

Lovely Sunflowers wallpaper
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is so beautiful and useful plant, with so many potential applications that will surprise you. Until a few years ago was known only as a crop plant, but the last few years are realized its decorative value, so they have developed many new varieties suitable for farming in gardens and on balconies. Apart from its beautiful appearance, sunflower is a plant that can be used whole. Best known are the Indians who ate the seeds, leaves, drank tea petals. Sunflower stalks are high in potassium, and sunflower ash can be used as an excellent fertilizer. The sunflower is a plant that extracts heavy metals from the soil (lead, arsenic, uranium). Early 19th century, used for medicinal purposes, as tannin content of the plant due to bitter substances to stimulate appetite. In folk medicine, preparations of hops used for insomnia, to calm and help with milder forms of depression, increases the secretion of water from the body, stimulates sweating etc..
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