A Visit to Sarajevo

Looking for a profounding travel experience in Eastern Europe? Look no further, book a ticket, collect your travel bag and explore Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital city where mountains meet the city, tradition meets the modernity and where east meets the west. Diversity is one aspect that stands out here. In this Balkan city, you can walk into a catholic church, an orthodox church or even a mosque without much ado.

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From Bosnian Coffe to Rakija

The amazing city of Sarajevo offers you some of the most exclusive cuisines in this side of the world. You can opt for the famous Bosnian Coffee after an evening walk or even for your breakfast. You can also opt for Rakija, a very popular fruit spirit here in the Balkan after a hearty meal. You simply cant miss out on a drink of your choice here. Be sure to check out for some more.

Hub for Exciting Fun Trips

You can spend a lifetime in Saravejo sipping rakija or coffee and sitting in cafes, touring the mountainous east or even wandering its peaceful streets. The town is home to some of the most historic museums and this too can offer a good learning opportunity about this side of the globe. If you are a winter Olympics fun, you will certainly enjoy the winter racing tracks.

Savarejo – A Singular City

Savarejo is a singular city by all means. It was once tagged the “Jerusalem of Europe”. The religious diversity of the city is magnificent. You can find Catholic Churches, Orthodox cathedrals, Sephardic synagogues and Mosques all in one street. Residents here are peaceful and the unity is astounding. Visitors are welcomed with open arms.