Spain is known for having some of the best vacationing spots in Europe, and the city of Barcelona is one of them. Depending on what it is in particular that intrigues you, there are numerous reasons to visit Barcelona. Whether it’s their culture that excites you, their wonderful cuisine, or simply the surroundings and countryside, here, you’ll get a brief look into some of the must-see areas of this city.

colourful barcelonaPerfect Mix of City Life and Traditions

Barcelona’s geographical location exposes people to beaches, city life and mountain ranges, all at once. City dwellers can stroll down streets like Las Ramblas and get to see flower stalls, coffee shops, and even La Boquería market, with its authentic local cuisine. You could also embed yourself in Catalan culture with the magnificent architecture such as the Monumento a los Castellers. This is a tower that is one spectacle you shouldn’t miss while in Barcelona.

Beaches and Mountains

Once you’re done viewing the beautiful Catalan architecture around the city, it’s time for a change of scenery. Barcelona is ideal for both hikers and those looking to pick up a tan, all in one day. You could head for a walk in the mountains in the morning, and end your day at the beach catching some sun. It’s two vacation destinations in one!

Barcelona is the Ideal Travel Destination

There’s a lot to see and do while in Barcelona. From hiking to surfing or sunbathing, you’ll be well relaxed during your travels. A big bonus for travellers is Barcelona’s wifi. Not only is it available throughout the city, but it’s also completely free! This former Olympic host country also offers beautiful vantage points that overlook the whole city, ideal for getting to see the Barcelona sunset. These include sites like Bunkers del Carmel and the Montjuic hill.