Lisbon is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and is Portugal’s capital. It is classified as the most vibrant and charismatic city in Europe. Here, modernism effortlessly blends with a strong traditional heritage and a friendly round the year weather. This is the perfect place for a holiday if you are planning one.

Popular Attractions in Lisbon

Being an ancient city, Portuguese architecture takes centre stage. Here, buildings are mainly roofed by the famous tiles, locally referred to as Azulejos ( polished stone). If you are a lover of art, then the Lisbon Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is an ideal place for you. Afterwards, adore ancient Egypt, listen to jazz, feed ducks, see Degas and more at the Gulbenkian, a one-stop cultural oasis within Lisbon city.

Lissabon Trams And Tiles

Travel in Tram Trains

Take a thrilling train ride to Belém using trams, which are modern electric trains that are efficient and real quick. Be sure to enjoy some surfing in the Atlantic too before your holiday here comes to an end. After a tour of the city, you can dine or drink in Palácio Chiado, Páteo at Bairro Do Avillez, Insolito, Mini Bar, Pensao Amor, and Pavilhão Chinês.

Lisbon Tour Guide

Once you get here, be sure to get a travel guide so as to get the best of your holiday. This might come in handy especially if you haven’t been here before. Also, you might need a guide if you are not proficient with the local language. The guide can also ensure that you get the best accommodation services in the city.