More than just Paris

When we talk of France we are quick to think of Paris with the Eiffel tower, the great Parisian cuisine with the freshly baked croissants offered in the quaint and charming cafés. We tend to forget that France is more than just Paris, and it is made of many more places that are just as fabulous as Paris.

Pictures of the Riviera

The riviera which is known in French as Côte d’Azur is the breathtaking coastline on the southeast of France. Paris is awesome but if you ever see a wallpaper of the riviera even before you get there, you will be captivated by the alluring azure water, the coastline itself and the various beautiful and elegant coastal cities like Cannes (yes, as in the place where the Cannes film festival is held), and Nice, which are all exclusive resorts.

paris wallpaper

The Loire Valley

The beautiful colours of Paris may be beautiful, but the exquisite natural beauty of Loire Valley is just mesmerizing. The 280 km stretch of valley is dubbed the ‘garden of France’ for good reason as it is like a picture from a fairy tale. With one of the most outstanding rivers in all of Europe running through it, and the glorious castles, mansions, and landscapes, this valley is a gem.

There is a Whole Lot More To France

France is a beautiful country that boasts of many amazing features and landscapes. It is time to stop thinking of Paris every time we hear of France because there are so many other places to explore and recognize. The Palace of Versailles that is packed full of interesting history, the spectacular views in the Dordogne, the scenic views in Champagne-Ardenne which happens to be the birthplace of champagne, and many other gorgeous places. The list is quite long.