San Francisco

If you are touring San Francisco, then you might realize that time may be a big problem since there are loads of places you can visit. Locations here are strikingly beautiful and relaxing as one passes by in a tour bus. Islands, skyscrappers, rolling hills, sunshine and many more makes this location one that you would want to visit over and over again.

Touring the Golden Gate Bay Cruise

Since its launch in 1939, the Golden Gate Bridge has been a favourite tourist attraction. Indeed, this place is now known as the archetypal postcard depiction of San Francisco. Here, there is a one hour boat cruise takes place from 10 am, making about 14 trips in a single day. While the duration might look pretty short, this cruise from the Golden Gate Bridge reveals lots of information about the city in about 6 various languages.

san francisco golden gate

San Francisco Grand City Tour with Alcatraz Ticket

One thing about visiting San Fransisco is that it can be an overwhelming experience and you are sometimes not sure how to go about it. Even if you know your way about the city, renting a car, moving around with it a headache that comes with parking slots and fees can be pretty overwhelming. For this reason, you can use the SF Grand City Tour with Alcatraz Ticket.

Some Little Wine Too

After a long tiring day in San Fransisco, you may want to retire to your hotel and learn some interesting things about this city in magazines or documentaries. Wine making is the oldest art here and you can take a trip to Napa Valley or even the famous Sonoma vineyard country and learn some tips about wine making.