Sweden is wonderful

Sweden, officially referred to as the Kingdom of Sweden, is a beautiful Scandinavian country in northern Europe that is not only well known for it famous and rather controversial 6-hour work day, or its 1% waste achievement, but also for its beauty and splendor that is found all across the country. The beauty of Sweden is also reflected in the multiple cultures represented in the country.

Wallpapers of Sweden

You cannot really run out of things to admire in Sweden, and what better way to immortalize the magnificence of the country than through various wallpapers. Whether the pictures are of beautiful and vibrant Stockholm, or the many stunning lakes, magnificent glaciated mountains and gorgeous forests, there is bound to be something for everyone to love. The landscape is just as rich as the culture, and it all comes together very well.

sweden wallpaper

The Regal and the Sturdy

The major Swedish cities are all coastal and part of the long alluring coastline. Stockholm is even built on 14 islands and it is all just breathtaking. Not only does Sweden boast of gorgeous landscapes, it is also filled with many beautiful buildings. From the sturdy and regal palaces to museums that are packed with rich history, it is all a magnificent affair.

Picturesque Beautiful Sweden

Sweden may be a relatively small country but it is big on history, culture and beauty. The country possesses a greatness that is tangible and there is just something majestic about it. You may not be able to visit all the places in Sweden, or to to take part in all the wonderful adventures the country has to offer, but you can get yourself a stunning wallpaper or picture that captures all this.