The Best of Moscow

The Best of Moscow

There’s a hundred-and-one things to do in the capital city of Russia. If it’s not museums, it’s the Red Square, theaters, the brilliant underground railway system, the green parks where open-air events are held, it’s the modern shops, the Kremlin and the amazing places to eat. There is also a vibrant nightlife where you can dance the night away listening to some of your genre’s greatest hits.

Wonderful sights fit for a Wallpaper

When you are in Moscow, there’s the amazing Garden Ring, a circular road around the central Moscow and the Kremlin, a fortified complex also in Moscow. The Garden Ring with all its Stalinist architecture, has no less than 16 lanes in some parts and is about 10 miles in length. The city is once again bringing in trees and shrubs to beautify the entire area.

Moscow russia skyline

Attractions during the Swamp Soccer Championship

When Russia hosts any of championships or world cup events, the country always sees a flood of enthusiastic spectators and fans. Moscow always has much for visitors to see – the Saint-Petersburg Lakes and Red Square just being two. Red Square is the official residence of the president of Russia and it also hosts concerts or it puts on a display of Russia’s military power.

An Eventful Time in Moscow

Russia is a wonderful destination for a getaway as there is so much to see while you’re there to attend an event. What better way to experience a country than to be there for sporting events and to be able to enjoy unforgettable experiences. You’ll have your camera snapping away non-stop, providing awesome opportunities to turn your photos into an eye-catching wallpaper.