Things To Do in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a combination of the best of two worlds: the organised Nordic and the relaxed continental. It is this wonderful combination that makes you choose a big city holiday in Copenhagen. There are plenty of sights and there is plenty to experience in this beautiful capital of Denmark. With an abundance of opportunities but limited time, it can be difficult to decide what to see and what to skip,

The Amusement park

Georg Carsten’s old amusement park, built in 1843 is a must visit if you are on a trip to Copenhagen. The park has everything from rides for young and old to a large restaurant offering, theatre performances and many concerts of various kinds. Talking about other things to do in Copenhagen, you may want to visit Christiania, founded in 1971 by occupants who seized old barracks and turned them into their homes.

The Romantic Break

There are endless opportunities for romance when you are on a trip to Copenhagen that you won’t even think of getting a good night’s sleep. The bright lights along the famous pedestrian promenade go all the way to Kongens Nytorv with lots of cafes and restaurants. There are beautiful castles, stylish fashion and design shops to keep both you and your love absorbed.

The Best Time To Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen can of course be visited year-round, but during April to September the weather is a little milder and the wind a little weaker. However, you should always have both umbrella and sunglasses in the bag as the weather changes rapidly throughout the year. Regardless of what time of year you visit Copenhagen, you are sure to leave the city a little in love.