Visit New York City

New York is a city that has captivated travellers for years. Filled with vibrant energy, flashy businessmen, Broadway and Times Square, it’s not hard to see why. Whether you are going to New York for the culture, people, food or atmosphere, it is safe to say you won’t be disappointed. Let’s see what makes this city so appealing.

Highlights In The City

You can’t talk about sightseeing in New York without thinking of the iconic Statue of Liberty. It was gifted to America from France and serves as a symbol of friendship between the two countries. It also represents freedom and can be seen in all its glory by visiting Liberty Island. In the concrete jungle known as Manhattan is one of the most famous parks in the world-Central Park. Known for its natural beauty and scenic views,it is a must-see.

Food Glorious Food!

Sightseeing in New York wouldn’t be complete without talking about its famous food. New York-style pizza, pastrami, cheesecake and Italian ice cream have been made extremely popular by the Italian immigrants who made this city their home and once you taste it, you will see why. New York is also known for bagels, perfected by the Jewish immigrants who arrived in the ninth century there’s even a National Bagel day!

Taking A Bite Of The Big Apple

There is so much to see in New York City that we haven’t even touched on – from the Empire State Building to Brooklyn Bridge to Fifth Avenue for all those hardcore shoppers, there really is something for everyone. More than that, the city’s bustling energy is addictive, and if you need a minute to recharge you have the option of taking a stroll through Central Park. So plan that trip as soon as possible – you will never forget it.

Visit Skåne

Visiting Skåne is one of the things every seasoned traveller should have on their bucket list. With thirty-three autonomous municipalities, this seaside county is home to the city of Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city and the fifth-largest city in all of Scandinavia. Skåne captivates visitors with its unhurried pace, its breathtaking scenery, and a range of outstanding culinary experiences specially curated to reel you in and never let you go.

Things to do in Skåne

You can never run out of things to do in Skåne. If you’re visiting in August, you can attend the Malmö Festival or the Malmö pride in July. You can see the city from the water by taking a boat ride. The calmness and serenity of one of the most scenic places in Sweden are unrivalled. That’s not all. If you’re a sandy person, you can visit the picture-perfect white sandy beach in the South West of Skåne.

Why visit Skåne?

Pristine beaches, a large expanse of rapeseed fields, and easy accessibility to other parts of Northern Europe are a few things that make Skåne a must-visit destination. Moreover, Skåne’s attractions aren’t limited to the aforementioned. In Skåne, you get to experience rich Swedish cultures, visit ancient castles and centuries-old monuments. Plan a trip today, you’ll get to see why Skåne is one of the most scenic places in Sweden.

Do It The Skåne Way

If you’re planning a trip this year, Skåne has to make your top list of places to visit. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the place. Skåne has a distinctive culinary heritage. Its ever-rich fertile soil yields a bountiful harvest of fresh produce, prepared in the season by local chefs. Experience Skåne with not just your senses but with your heart, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with this unique Swedish province.

Visit New York

Visiting New York must be one of the highlights of any trip to the States. It is a city that is almost a world of its own. However, it represents people from everywhere in the world. it is difficult to narrow down your list of things to see and do. Consider some things that every visitor should not miss in this fabulous city.

Things to do in NY

There are endless things to do in New York. You can view famous graffiti art and the café scene in Brooklyn. In addition, try foods from across the world in this part of the city. New York is also famous for its museums. The American Museum of Natural History is one such gem that shouldn’t be missed. What about art galleries? There are street and area art tours so choose a cheap one and enjoy your trip to NY.

Do Not Miss These Sights in New York

There are some New York sights that you do not want to miss. Some sites like Brooklyn Bridge stand out so much that it is also difficult to overlook them. First-timers to NYC should also see the Statue of Liberty. Just ride the Staten Island Ferry and take a tour. The Empire State Building is also impressive and you should visit it for great memories of the city’s skyline.

Wandering Central Park

Central Park requires its own section because it is such a part of the city’s life. However, it is very large and needs to be planned with a map. Touring the park is also a great way to get some exercise. See sites like the Ramble and its winding paths. Strawberry Fields also honours fallen Beatle John Lennon. Finally, Sheep’s Meadow is another place to picnic and enjoy. Enjoy everything that NY has to offer but remember to plan well.

Visit The Maldives

From its white sandy beaches to its overwater bungalows, the Maldives is the ultimate tourism destination when you need to take a vacay or a holiday. It is located in India’s southwest region and has 100 islands with tourism resorts. These islands are the tips of an oceanic mountain and are surrounded by breathtaking beaches, lagoons, and the clear Indian Ocean waters.

What To See In The Maldives

If your idea of luxury beach breaks involves beautifully designed resorts with personalised services, then the Maldives is the perfect spot. Each resort is on its island, and they have different exciting activities, such as lounging nets and night-sky observatories. Some of the most recognised resorts include Six Senses Laamu, One&Only Reethi Rah, and Huvafen Fushi. For your scuba diving holiday, the Maldives offer spectacular underwater activity and marine wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Costs You Will Incur At The Maldives

The cost of enjoying the all-inclusive luxury at the Maldives is approximately $5,800 for a two-night stay. This estimate includes the cost of your accommodation, air ticket, meals, and local transport. The choice of hotel is a luxurious 4 or 5 star hotel. You should note that there is a spike in accommodation cost during the dry season of the year between January and April.

More On The Maldives

The Maldives promises an authentic experience for any traveller. To visit, you will need to check with the Maldivian embassy and have a confirmed reservation in any resort. And if you don’t want to be tied down to a specific resort, some companies own more than one hotel and offer smooth transfers. That way, all you have to do is make the most out of your time with the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Visit Florida

Florida is one of the largest states in the U.S known for sunny weather and its laid back lifestyle. Florida is not just a place to retire and there are attractions for people of all ages. The state has lots of marine life, low-cost sights, and theme parks like Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Historical and cultural places can also be found all around Florida.

Things to See

Florida has so many popular and glamorous places to see. Many things to see in the state involve beaches and natural beauty. Also, the cost of Florida can be made cheaper by heading to Miami for a walk on the beach or visiting national parks to see wildlife like turtles, otters, and other creatures. What about St Augustine’s Historic District and districts like Key West? That is just a taste of things to do in Florida.

Theme Parks for Everyone

Theme parks are a major part of the Florida experience and attract thousands of people from across the country and world each year. What kind of theme parks you might ask? Florida theme parks are for all age groups. Riding a waterslide, seeing gators, taking a ride, kayaking, and looking at marine life are exciting things you can do at a Florida theme park.

The Florida Fun Verdict

Florida is more than just a few famous theme parks. The national parks are great places to see marine life that do not exist in many other places. There are many opportunities to experience beach life as well as the cultural and historical life of the city. The buzz of city districts and Florida fun is just a visit away.

Visit Thailand

Thailand is a popular travel destination, and the obsession is justifiable. From a mix of culture, nature and climate, Thailand’s reputation as a tourism powerhouse is unquestioned. Off the plane and you immediately feel on holiday. Whether you are looking to relax or have an activity-filled vacation, Thailand offers you everything you wish for. Let’s not forget their mouthwatering cuisines and pleasant people.

Must-Visit Places in Thailand

Thailand has many beautiful attractions; it’s hard to pick one absolute must. Despite this, there are still some lesser-known things to see in Thailand. Sai Tong National Park is off most tourist radars but offers photogenic views making it a special unique attraction in the rainy season. Alternative things to see in Thailand include Wat Rong Khun. It will leave you with a mouthful to say and wow you with the traditional and modern take on a Buddhist temple.

Where to go in Thailand

There are plenty of water activities. The best Thailand islands have two coastlines with activities like diving with the whales at Ko Tao or kiteboarding at Hua Hin. When your fancy adventure, Thailand’s rural hinterland of fields, forests and settlements offer a welcoming view. To round up the trip, send your appetite on a roving tour of Thailand’s explosive cuisine.

Are you planning a trip?

Thailand has a vast menu in tropical glory and covers all tastes from the friendly, cultured, historic and adventure seekers. It also entices you with its diet and charms with its vast history. Thailand is one affordable destination, and you will have your itinerary full of iconic places and things to do. Being one big playground, Thailand is the must-go tropical getaway you’ve been searching for.

Visit Stockholm

Stockholm is an elegant and charming city in the Swedish archipelago. The capital houses all the charm and character that Swedish are known and loved for. And there are plenty of experiences! From fun experiences for children to activities that suit couples – there’s a lot to do and experience here. From outdoor life to underground discoveries of works of art – many of Stockholm’s attractions are completely free.

The Many Attractions

There are many things to do in Stockholm, the best Swedish city. If you love books, the city library, with its sumptuous architecture, is the destination for you. If you don’t mind spending a few calories, you can walk up tp Monteliusvägen – a popular place to hang out. Stockholmers sit here and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Old Town, Lake Mälaren and Riddarholmen

Visit the free museums

When visiting Sweden, you should not miss out on visiting the three museums with free admission on certain days. For an exquisite collection of Asian art, head to the East Asian Museum. The next in line is Modern Museum, with icons such as Picasso and Dalí in the permanent collection. Next is Center for Architecture and Design where you can learn about Swedish architecture from the 19th century until today.

Summing it Up – Enjoy the nature

Stockholm is a perfect summer city and there are many parks to hang out on a sunny day. At the end of the day,, you may want to visit Kungsträdgården, Stockholm’s most central park and a must in the spring when the cherry trees are in bloom. In the summer there are festivals, concerts, art exhibitions and other nice events. So without spending a lot, you can actually enjoy many different attractions in this beautiful city.

Things To Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a combination of the best of two worlds: the organised Nordic and the relaxed continental. It is this wonderful combination that makes you choose a big city holiday in Copenhagen. There are plenty of sights and there is plenty to experience in this beautiful capital of Denmark. With an abundance of opportunities but limited time, it can be difficult to decide what to see and what to skip,

The Amusement park

Georg Carsten’s old amusement park, built in 1843 is a must visit if you are on a trip to Copenhagen. The park has everything from rides for young and old to a large restaurant offering, theatre performances and many concerts of various kinds. Talking about other things to do in Copenhagen, you may want to visit Christiania, founded in 1971 by occupants who seized old barracks and turned them into their homes.

The Romantic Break

There are endless opportunities for romance when you are on a trip to Copenhagen that you won’t even think of getting a good night’s sleep. The bright lights along the famous pedestrian promenade go all the way to Kongens Nytorv with lots of cafes and restaurants. There are beautiful castles, stylish fashion and design shops to keep both you and your love absorbed.

The Best Time To Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen can of course be visited year-round, but during April to September the weather is a little milder and the wind a little weaker. However, you should always have both umbrella and sunglasses in the bag as the weather changes rapidly throughout the year. Regardless of what time of year you visit Copenhagen, you are sure to leave the city a little in love.

Visit Las Vegas

In case you’ve never been to Las Vegas, then you probably only know about its wild fun and casino gaming scene. However, there’s a lot more to this city than that. Like any other area worth vacationing at, you’ll come across plenty of activities and worthwhile sights to keep you well occupied throughout your tour.

Fun And Excitement

As far as looking for a holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with Las Vegas. You can kick off your tour by checking out the numerous Vegas casinos that have been around for decades. Once you’ve visited your favourites, step into the streets and marvel at artistic displays like the Downtown Las Vegas Murals. When you’re ready for some food, infamous diners such as The Peppermill await you with their late-night delights.

visit las vegas

Best Weather Conditions

One of the top factors that make a place an ideal holiday destination is its climate. The last thing you want is a trip that has you locked up indoors due to extreme weather conditions. With Las Vegas, you’ll get mostly sunny days regardless of when you travel. The only difference is that some months are a bit cooler than others.

Why Visit Las Vegas

There’s plenty to do in this desert getaway. You can enjoy top musical performances at the Park Theater, visit themed resorts such as the Italianate Venetian, or go for a hike at Red Rock Canyon. Whatever you’re into, this Nevada city has you covered. There are also plenty of eateries to satisfy your appetite such as the José Andrés’ Bazaar Meat and Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet.

Visit Liverpool

Liverpool highlights

The maritime city of Liverpool in northwest England is packed full of things to see and do and is perfect for anyone who wants a holiday to remember. Many people know Liverpool as being the hometown of the ‘Fab Four’, the Beatles, but as a culture capital, its has lots of art galleries and museums if that’s up your street.

Liverpool – a holiday for all seasons

Liverpool city can offer you a getaway for all seasons, and there is fun all the way. If you are wondering what to do in Liverpool, you might want to check out an events calendar and tick off your priorities. Albert Dock, the largest Anglican Cathedral in England, the Mersey Ferries and Beatles Story are just some attractions to be relished not to mention that you’ll find miles of coastline, and there is always a beach close by.

Visit Liverpool

Day tripper in Liverpool

Even if you’re a day tripper in Liverpool, no music fan will want to miss Beatles Liverpool attractions. Get back to Beatle shows, events and exhibitions around the clock. You’ll love the award-winning ‘The Beatles Story’, a permanent exhibition devoted to the lives of the Fab Four – Paul, John, George and Ringo and their brilliant music.

Liverpool on any budget

That’s the beauty about Liverpool – there’s stuff to see and do without having to pay a fortune or anything at all. Most of Liverpool’s fabulous museums are free to enter. As a festival city, some festivals are free such as the Liverpool International Music Festival held in July each year. A stroll along the Mersey River too, promises to be magical and you’ll find runners and strollers enjoying this simple pleasure that doesn’t cost a cent.